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Seven Easy Rules 1. Basically anything goes plot-wise, but also… 
23rd-Jun-2007 08:34 am

Seven Easy Rules
1. Basically anything goes plot-wise, but also try to respect your fellow players.
2. Following the same intent as #1: We don't want drama, so try to avoid causing it. It'd be great if we could all be campy with eachother.
3. You must post at least once a month, just so we know you're alive and well. If you need an extended hiatus, inform a mod.
4. There is currently no restriction on the number of muses you can claim, but don't apply for more than you can handle. You may reserve a specific character for a maximum of two weeks.
5. Post all AIM/MSN/YIM logs in the logs community.
6. If you plan to involve another mun's character in a plot (see also: god-modding), please inform them before doing so.
7. This is a Yaoi, Yuri, and Het friendly RPG, but also please try to avoid plotless smut. While relationships are encouraged, they are precisely that. Relationships. They take a while to nurture and grow and don't spring up overnight. Also remember to put all NC-17 rated material under cuts.

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(Basic idea of what a regular room inside Kaleido looks like. We don't own the design).

Floor 1: Main lobby and rooms.
Floor 2: More rooms.
Floor 3: Hotel auditorium.
Floor 4: Floor resembling many of Tokyo's trendy streets. Consists of cafes, host clubs, arcades PACHINKOOO, clothing stores, and gift shops. Easily the largest floor in the entire hotel, only rivaling floor #9.
Floor 5: More rooms, and several heated swimming pools.
Floor 6: Suites.
Floor 7: Interchangeable floor. It will change according to what it feels like: forests, a desert, Paris, Alaska--who knows? Has been known to eat guests.
Floor 8: Floor dedicated to many sporting facilities and training equipment. We've no idea why this floor exists, really.
Floor 9: Described as a 'Maze of Doors'. Few people come out alive, much less get signal with their cellphones. The owner has scheduled for an investigation, but unfortunately said investigators never brought information back.
Floor 10: Was once a ballroom. Someone turned it into a skating rink.
Floor 11: Suites.
Floor 12: More rooms, also has a large, man-made onsen.
Floor 13: The elevators often avoid stopping at this floor because of rumored poltergeist activity. Guests staying on floor #12 often hear loud noises and commotion from above.
Floor 14: The hotel roof. Sunbathing, a bit of gardening, and the occasional luau can be found here.

Suites are for special occasions, but because of certain circumstances known only to Ona-san, women may stay at specified suites.

To apply, copy and paste this information in a comment. Comments are screened.

LJ (not required):
Contact info:

Character name:
Floor #:
And last, but not least, the character's personal item they sacrifice in order to stay in Kaleido free of charge (if you absolutely can't think of anything, make something up that pertains to your character):

19th-Aug-2007 02:35 pm (UTC) - Application: Gracia Hughes - FMA
Ed/Roy/Hayate mun here...

Nickname: Lilly
LJ (not required):
Contact info: alchemy geeks - on aim or DarkRose at Gmail dot com
Availability: after 6:30 EST weeknights, most of the time on weekends

Character name: Gracia Hughes
Series: FMA
Journal: flowersbygracia
Floor #: 4th

unlike the rest of the FMA crew, Gracia is part of this world, a doppleganger of Maes' wife in his own world (this is canon per the FMA movie). She is not a guest at the hotel, but runs a floral shop on the 4th floor. She was invited to open the shop when she was forced to give up the shop she rented, because the block was being demolished for an office tower. That is what she's given up in order to be at the hotel, even though she does not reside there.
19th-Aug-2007 03:35 pm (UTC) - Re: Application: Gracia Hughes - FMA
This'll probably be the last FMA character you can apply as because it is common courtesy to leave a few muses for others.

Because the RPG centers around the hotel, the character must reside within the hotel for you to apply as them.
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