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Hotel Kaleido
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The Hotel
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Calm, though far from peaceful, life in Tokyo, Japan had been rather normal. The residents of this city, not bothered by thoughts of supernatural and otherwise strange things, could get on with their daily lives without trouble. Little did they know, their definition of normal life was about to be changed. Over night, a magnificent hotel had constructed itself out of thin air, leaving the people of Tokyo shocked and amazed. The following day it's pristine doors opened to the public, providing everyone and anyone all but an extravagant stay for a simple price.

"Only when you give to me your most prized possession, may you stay here free of charge."

Welcome to Hotel Kaleido, a luxurious 5... 4.. wait, what star? Who cares. As we were saying--welcome to Hotel Kaleido, a canon [not alternate universe] RPG open to characters from all fandoms ((yes, meaning fictional characters can mingle with real-life people), located in Tokyo, Japan.


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