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Recent Entries 
14th-Aug-2007 05:24 am(no subject)
-Standing among the clatter and commotion of guests is the owner, looking as withered and excited as ever and holding a large pair of scissors.-

Those of you who have already paid your entrance fee, I welcome you to Hotel Kaleido. I will not be responsible if you get lost, injured, or violated.

Retrieve your keys from my assistant, Big G. Please do not request his host services out of club hours Or I will have to hire Billy Blanks as my new assistant. If you have any complaints, see floor nine.

-Raises the large pair of scissors and cuts the ribbon blocking the entrance, then limps off without as much as a glance at the patrons.-

[OOC: aaaand.. go! Remember to tell your friends about it.]
10th-Aug-2007 06:22 am(no subject)
I know this is a little ambitious, but the game will officially start when we reach 15 muses.
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